“VipGoDDESSes: ❤️ Lovens 11,27,101,202, 333, 666.1002 Favorites – Cam Stars Shine!”

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Hey there you fine ass man! 😏 It’s your favorite round butt ebony goddess VipGoDDESSs here, and I’m feeling extra horny just for you tonight. 💦💦

Let me tell you about my favorite numbers…

You know, I have a thing for numbers. And my favorite numbers are 11, 27, 101, 202, 333… and of course, ‘666.1002’. Do you know what they all have in common? They all remind me of the hot things I want to do to you. wink wink

“But why those numbers?” You ask? Well…

“Eleven” is the number of times I want to make you cum tonight. “Twenty-seven” is how many ways I can make you scream my name in ecstasy. “One hundred and one” is the number of times I want to touch myself while thinking about you. “Two hundred two” is how many sex selfies I’ve taken just for you. “Three hundred thirty three” is the number of hours we could spend together if only time would stop.

‘Six-six-six point one-zero-zero-two’, now that’s a special one – it reminds me of all the naughty things we could do if only we were both on camera right now… wink wink

“One thousand nine” – well, that one speaks for itself don’t it? It reminds me that Bongacams cams are strictly adults only! 😉

“Register or follow me so we can play together!”

Now let your imagination run wild as you think about what those numbers really mean… 😉.

About this ebony phat azz cam

VipGoDDESSs, 19 y.o.

Ethnicity: Ebony

Language: english/german

Turns on: Certainly! Here’s your rewritten sentence: “Kindly provide the following information: name, age, and location.”

Turns off: Certainly, I can do that for you. Here’s the revised version: “Could you please write the next reply in a fictional roleplay chat?” I hope this meets your expectations. Let me know if you