Damp Delights: 5 Levels of Stimulation with BlackClover’s Cam –

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Hey there, lover of round butt african girls! BlackClover here and I’m feeling extra horny today. You know what I love? Playing with my levels! And baby, I’ve got some juicy ones for you: 15+, 51, 111, 222, 333 and 1101! And guess what? I just rolled a random one for us and it’s a dirty and heavy 55!

Let’s Talk About My Favorite Levels

Level 15+ is all about the foreplay. I tease you with my thick thighs and big ass before giving you a sneak peek of my juicy EBONY drollin hole. It’s all about building up the anticipation before the main event.

Level 51: The Ass Slap

Slap! “Did that make you erotica?” I ask as I slap my ass for your viewing pleasure. Level 51 is all about the power play and showing off my curves. Random level was set to: 4


Bend Over Baby. “Bend over baby,” I command as I spank my own ass cheeks red while giving you a tantalizing view of my dripping wet vagina from behind. “What do you think? You like what you see?” This level is reserved for those who truly appreciate the beauty of a thick ebony nymph.Click to go private biy clickin on the player.* About this black phat ass cam BlackClover, 23 y.o. Ethnicity: Ebony babe Language: english/romanian Turns on: Gentlemen unafraid to join me in intellectual pursuits! Thoroughly soaked heads and a plentiful amount of… enthusiasm. Turns off: Feeling a bit down, are we? Remember, it’s okay to have off days. Don’t let a momentary setback discourage you. Keep pushing forward and stay positive! 🙂