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Hey there, my fine EBONY lover! I’m iamsosapierre, your favorite thick, amateur cam maiden from CamSoda. You know what I love most about myself? My juicy curves and my natural not flat, of course! wink

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Masturbation (yes, you read that right), squirt, orgasm – whatever you desire to see, I’ll do it for you. And the best part? We can both get off at the same time with a little bit of steamy chat.

“Hey there,” he whispered as he walked behind her. “You have such beautiful >natural> feet… ” He knelt down and slowly removed her high heels one by one. “I bet they taste so sweet…” He gently kissed the soles of her feet as she shuddered in delight.

“Oh yeah? You like that?” she breathed as she leaned back on the couch. She spread her legs wide open and started playing with her wet drollin hole through the sheer lacy fabric of her EBONY bikini bottoms.
“Mmm hmm…” He murmured in response as his hands traced their way up to bead over her firm round ass.
“What about this?” She asked coyly as she pulled out a long dildo from under the couch and began sliding it slowly in and out of her beaver.
“Fuck…!” He gasped before standing up again to remove his clothes.
‘Ready for more?’ she asked seductively turning around so she was now facing him.


“Oh, you want a escapade do ya? Well let me tell ya something…

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